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The Max-Born-Institute invites applications for a Master Project in Attosecond Science: Attosecond Control of Electron Wavepacket Interference.

Job profile:

We are looking for a Master student to experimentally investigate the interference of transient electron wavepackets in helium atoms. Transient absorption spectroscopy of XUV light created by high-harmonic generation will be used, overlapped with a phase-controlled infrared laser field. We want to explore the change in the dynamics when the XUV pulse is reduced from a short Attosecond Pulse Train (APT) to an Isolated Attosecond Pulse (IAP), for which we expect the interference to vanish.

Attosecond Science is an exciting novel research field, aimed at time-resolving the motion of electrons in atoms, molecules and solids on their natural timescale. Such dynamics can proceed on extraordinarily fast timescales.

Within this master project in experimental physics you will get involved in:

  • Experiments with cutting-edge ultrafast lasers, reaching the limits of current technology.
  • Attosecond pump-probe experiments with XUV light.
  • Data acquisition, evaluation and interpretation in collaboration with experienced scientists.
  • Programming in Python and / or C++.
  • Contributing to the preparation of a scientific publication.



We are looking for a highly motivated Master student (m/f/d) holding a Bachelor degree in physics or a related field.


The Max-Born-Institute in Berlin is one of the leading research centers in the world for Attosecond Science. We are offering Master projects on a regular basis, on which you work in close collaboration with PhD students and experienced scientists.

MBI is an equal opportunity employer and places particular emphasis on fostering career opportunities for women. Qualified women are therefore strongly encouraged to apply. If equally qualified, severely handicapped persons are given preference.

MBI supports the reconcilability of family and working life and is certified as family-friendly by the "family audit".

Interested? Come for a tour of our lab and a chat! Contact Dr. Jochen Mikosch, or Dr. Tobias Witting,

The thesis work will formally be supervised by one of the directors of the MBI (depending on FU/TU/HU University).